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Last updated: February 2024

265 Million Outstanding Shares
17 Million Employee Options $0.35, $0.30, $0.17, $0.15

Why Invest in Royal Road

Team – Backbone of our company
Our team has a track record of Exploration and Project Development success and has worked together for over 13 years, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to every project and every exploration environment in which the company operates. This long-standing relationship has fostered deep trust and understanding among our team members, ensuring efficient decision-making and seamless communication. We are derived from diverse backgrounds, we are adaptable and flexible, allowing us to effectively operate in various jurisdictions, regulatory environments and cultural landscapes.
Demonstrably Supportive Jurisdictions
The company is focused on exploring and developing copper and gold opportunities in the Kingdoms of Saudia Arabia and Morocco. Saudi Arabia is a highly prospective and supportive jurisdiction for exploration and mining, it considers mining a crucial part of its Vision 2030—a government initiative to reform and diversify the economy. Morocco is situated on Europe's doorstep; the country modernized its mining legislation in 2016 and aims to triple the mining sector's turnover by 2025.
Backed by Visionaries
Our company enjoys strong backing from supportive, well-regarded institutions, funds, and mining corporations. These esteemed partners bring access to capital, extensive expertise and industry influence, enhancing our operational capabilities and guiding strategy. Their endorsement underscores our credibility and potential. With such a robust support network, we are well-positioned to navigate challenges, quickly seize opportunities, and drive sustainable growth in the mining sector.
Forging Strong Partnerships
Since its inception, RRM has forged strong and solid joint ventures with local influential partners and has successfully negotiated agreements with complex and sensitive high-profile actors such as artisanal miners, ex-combatants, multilateral organizations and indigenous communities across various regions worldwide. This track record demonstrates our proficiency in navigating complex social and political landscapes, building trust, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. For investors, this means that our company has the diplomatic acumen to secure and maintain the necessary partnerships for sustainable and profitable operations in often challenging environments
Unleashing Growth potential
Currently the company is trading at an attractive price relative to its cash position and potential, a situation stemming from a fundamental transformation undertaken at the end of 2022. This strategic overhaul involved the company relocating from South America and initiating new exploration operations in the Middle East and North Africa The company’s shares are tightly held, with insiders and corporate investors owning approximately 70% of the company. This strong insider and institutional ownership reflects confidence in the company’s vision and potential, and ensures alignment of interest between management and shareholders.
Consistently focused on Enduring Commodities
Copper, the backbone of the green revolution, is an indispensable metal in our society due to its unmatched conductivity. It plays a crucial role in technology, batteries, and electric vehicles. With demand for copper projected to rise soon, current reserves are insufficient to meet this demand. Meanwhile, gold is trading at its highest nominal values in over 30 years. The factors driving this elevated price are expected to persist in the near term, enhancing the appeal of gold exploration and project development opportunities. Deposits containing both copper and gold make for highly economical mines, offering operational flexibility and the ability to manage fluctuating and uncertain economic conditions.


Jabal Sahabiyah Project Photo 2 Saudi Arabia Jabal Sahabiyah Project Photo 4 Saudi Arabia
19.374472°, 19.374472°

Jabal Sahabiyah

Location: Saudi Arabia

Signal 2023 10 24 143959 002
33.967886, 33.967886


Location: Morocco

Guintar Jonathan
6.323500, 6.323500

Güintar and Margaritas

Location: Colombia

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10 - 13 September, 2024

Precious Metals Summit, Beaver Creek

Location: Colorado, United States

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3 - 5 December 2024

Mines and Money

Location: Business Design Centre, London

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January 2025

Future Minerals Forum

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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11 – 12 November 2024

Precious Metals Summit, Zurich

Location: Park Hyatt Zurich

2-5 March 2025


Location: Toronto

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14 - 15 November 2024

121 Mining Investment

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In Colombia Royal Road Minerals operates through its wholly-owned Colombian companies Minerales Camino Real SAS founded in 2015 and Exploraciones Northern Colombia SAS acquired from previous owners in 2019. In Argentina Royal Road Minerals operates through its wholly owned Argentinian company, Minerales Camino Real Argentina. In Saudi Arabia and Morocco the Company operates through its 50% owned Saudi Arabian registered subsidiary, Royal Road Arabia.

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