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Drilling at La Golondrina now complete

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Drilling at La Golondrina now complete

Dear Investor,

Drilling, La Golondrina

At La Golondrina, detailed field geophysical work and desk-top processing is now complete and initial drill hole locations have been finalized. The Company has also retained a drilling contractor capable of drilling large diameter “PQ”-size drill holes with a man-portable drilling rig. Given the coarse nature of high-grade gold mineralization at La Golondrina, it is important to maximize sample size in order to attain representative results. PQ-sized drill core returns 56% more sample volume than the more commonly used “HQ”-sized drill core. In order to drill PQ-sized core with a man portable drill-rig it is necessary to order specialized parts. These parts are expected to arrive on-site before the end of this month. Whilst this has pushed back the proposed start of the drilling program at La Golondrina, we believe it is important to maintain high technical standards and to avoid compromising any aspect of what will be the very first drilling campaign at this exciting new prospect. A dedicated drill logistics team is currently on-site at La Golondrina, preparing access, drill pads and other required infrastructure.

Cloud Capture Community Program (Atrapanieblas)

Our ground-breaking cloud capture program at La Golondrina has now been extended to four mesh installations (see photo) which will condense valley mists and supply between 2000 and 3000 liters of clean drinking water per day to our closest local community. This is an extraordinarily simple, cheap, yet effective program which has attracted some significant interest throughout the region and in Colombia as a whole. This interest has highlighted the great skill and commendable creativity of our social and environmental team.

La Llanada

Legal due diligence and reconnaissance exploration work has commenced at the La Maria project, and further regional exploration, property reviews and license consolidation work is underway in the La Llanada gold district. We would like to amplify that we consider the La Llanada area a rare and extraordinarily prospective region with potential for the discovery of world-class high-grade intrusion-related gold systems. Strategically, the La Llanada area remains the Company's principal focus.Respectfully Yours, Dr Tim Coughlin, President and CEO

About Royal Road Minerals:

Royal Road Minerals is a gold-focused exploration and development company. The Company's current area of interest is the highly prospective La Llanada gold district of southern Colombia. The Company has an option to earn 100% of the La Golondrina high-grade gold mine and the neighboring La Redencion gold mine.

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