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Investor Newsletter April 17 2019

New mines for a new world


Investor Newsletter April 17 2019

Dear Investor,

De-risking exploration projects by attaining community and local stakeholder support is most difficult at the early exploration stage due to a lack of clarity in regards to investment horizon (depending on exploration potential) and a relative lack of available capital to implement truly sustainable community initiatives. If you are unfamiliar with the significance of this problem, I invite you to take a quick – 90 second – listen to Professor Rick Valenta of the Sustainable Minerals Institute below.

At Royal Road we are attempting to address these challenges with innovative social and environmentally-focused collaborations such as those we are currently conducting with ECOMUN in Colombia (see press release December 18, 2017) and the Centro de Entendimiento con la Naturaleza (CEN) in Nicaragua (see press release March 20, 2018).

In addition to these initiatives, in response to requests and suggestions we have received during community consultations in both Colombia and Nicaragua and in an attempt to address capital requirements for sustainable community initiatives, the Company has now established The Royal Road Accelerator, a 100% owned subsidiary which helps to commercialize potentially profitable and scalable rural community projects in Colombia and Nicaragua.

Royal Road Accelerator

The Accelerator identifies, incubates and commercializes potentially dividend-paying businesses which greatly benefit the rural communities in and around Royal Road Minerals' exploration and development projects. Once incubated, new subsidiary companies are formed and new investors are invited to participate.

We have high hopes for the Accelerator, with a list of exciting projects currently under consideration. If you would like to learn more, please email the team at Stay up-to-date by following our Facebook page and feel free to reach out at any time! Respectfully Yours,

Dr Tim Coughlin, President and CEO,

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