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Principal focus by jurisdiction. Royal Road is driven by discovery. We rigorously identify prospective regions, quickly prioritize and rationalize quality copper targets then focus our work on one world class asset for each jurisdiction in which we operate

Jabal Sahabiyah Project Photo 2 Saudi Arabia Jabal Sahabiyah Project Photo 4 Saudi Arabia
19.374472°, 19.374472°

Jabal Sahabiyah

Location: Saudi Arabia

Signal 2023 10 24 143959 002
33.967886, 33.967886


Location: Morocco

Guintar Jonathan
6.323500, 6.323500

Güintar and Margaritas

Location: Colombia

In Colombia Royal Road Minerals operates through its wholly-owned Colombian companies Minerales Camino Real SAS founded in 2015 and Exploraciones Northern Colombia SAS acquired from previous owners in 2019. In Argentina Royal Road Minerals operates through its wholly owned Argentinian company, Minerales Camino Real Argentina. In Saudi Arabia and Morocco the Company operates through its 50% owned Saudi Arabian registered subsidiary, Royal Road Arabia.

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