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Geology at Caramanta is represented by a lower sequence of Palaeogene shallow marine sedimentary rocks which are overlain by Neogene age volcaniclastic rocks. Both packages are intruded by a cluster...

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The Caribe gold project is located in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Coast Autonomous region, close to the historic mining town of Rosita and 30km to the southeast of Bonanza and the gold mining...

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El Molino

The El Molino porphyry gold project is located in the region of Cauca, approximately 60 Km southwest of Cali. The application area comprises at-least three known porphyry-gold occurrences hosted in...

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El Tambo

The El Tambo titles cover a historic vein-controlled mining district which is hosted for the most part in tonalite of the California-stock. Individual veins are generally steeply-dipping and between...

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Bee hive


The Guintar-Niverengo project is located in the Anza district, 50 Km west of Medellin, in the northern portion of Colombia’s prolific Middle Cauca belt. Rocks within the Guinter-Niverengo region are...

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Piedra Sentada-Concepcion

The Piedra Sentada-Concepcion porphyry gold district is located in the regions of Cauca and northern Nariño. The applications and title areas cover part of a discrete gold porphyry district extending...

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La LLanada

Rocks within the La Llanada region are predominantly Cretaceous age, shelf sediments, deep marine cherts and mafic marine volcanic rocks which have been intruded by Oligocene-Miocene age dioritic...

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Luna roja

Luna Roja

The Luna Roja gold skarn project is located in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Coast Autonomous region, close to the historic mining town of Rosita and 26km to the southeast of Bonanza and the gold...

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Rio nulpe

Rio Nulpe

The Rio Nulpe project area is located at Colombia’s southern border with Ecuador in Nariño province some 110 kilometers to the southwest of the provincial capital Pasto, and 30 kilometres to the...

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El Gualtal

The El Gualtal gold mine is located in the La Llanada-Sotomayor goldfield, approximately 60km west-northwest of Pasto in Nariño province of southern Colombia and within Royal Road’s mining concession...

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Los andes2

Los Andes

Royal Road Minerals controls 100% of six mineral exploration concessions covering the Los Andes District. The total concession package is approximately 18,500 hectares. The project forms part of the...

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