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Royal Road Minerals

El Molino

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Royal Road Minerals

El Molino

The El Molino porphyry Gold Project is located approximately 60 km southwest of the city of Cali near the towns of Suárez and Buenos Aires, Department of Cauca.

The applications area comprises at-least three known porphyry gold occurrences hosted Miocene aged intrusions, emplaced into Miocene sedimentary sequences. Rocks within the El Molino region are predominantly quartz rich sandstones and siltstones with thin levels of extrusive and pyroclastic rocks, representatives of continental facies and volcanism associated with the Cauca-Patia depression.

Mineralized corridors and partially exposed porphyry occurrences are present. The porphyry’s have well developed potassic cores with surrounding sericite-illite zones hosting unusually high gold grades in quartz-vein stockworks (up to 184 grams per tonne gold). Main artisanal mining clusters show spatial association to highly altered / weathered contact areas between sedimentary sequences and porphyry centers.

El Molino Figures

El Molino Figure 1
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