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Royal Road Minerals

San Pedrito

New mines for a new world

Royal Road Minerals

San Pedrito gold project is located in the rural area of Santo Domingo town, Antioquia State, 49 kilometers northeast of Medellin city.

It is a Royal Road Minerals early exploration defined by a set of 4000 hectares into applications inside referenced to Cretaceous Plutonic Antioquia Batholith Suite.

Area target is defined by stream sediments with values up to 276 ppb of gold. Early follow up activities reported channels and linear chips with values up 1.1 ppm Au, and evidence of the occurrence of an intrusion related mineralization system. It has the occurrence of sulphide rich veinlets and potassic alteration halos associated.

Biotitic tonalites with residual segregation magmatic features hosted into a hornblende quartz-diorite, record the presence of gold mineralization in the project.

Subsequent activities associated with soil sampling can define the dimensions of prospective areas.