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Royal Road Minerals


New Mines for a New World

Our approach

We are committed to a new model of exploration and mining for a new world, one which reduces environmental impact, benefits communities and contributes to the development of countries. We are working on this through operating in accordance with national and international standards while also seeking to push the boundaries of sustainability performance - identifying new approaches and trialing innovative initiatives to change the mining paradigm.

Policies and Standards

From the first interaction with a community, and the first footstep on the ground, Royal Road Minerals operates in accordance with the Company's social, and environmental, policies which aim to minimise adverse impacts and maximise benefits. These policies cover the responsible management of water, biodiversity, pollution prevention, cultural heritage, human rights and stakeholder engagement.

Beyond the company's policies, we are also committed to operating in compliance with the Equator Principles - the risk management framework adopted by leading financial institutions to assess and manage social and environmental risk in project finance.

As part of the effort to develop a new type of exploration and mining for a new world, RRM believes there is a great opportunity to link our economic, social and environmental performance to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and reduce inequality.

Royal Road Minerals

Social Responsibility

The creation of sustainable relationships based on mutual respect and understanding and the development of partnerships with local communities and other stakeholders are key corporate priorities.

Our social management programs will minimize and mitigate any adverse social impacts generated by our activities and, where possible, enhance those that are beneficial. In line with the internationally recognized best practices, we commit ourselves to comply with this program with total transparency, commitment to the community and under a continuous improvement approach.

A commitment to the establishment of partnerships

We are responsible for sharing and maximizing the benefits generated by our business, one that is based on finite mineral resources. Our contribution to building robust and more sustainable communities is channeled through community-based initiatives that are inclusive and make a difference without creating dependency.

Partnerships are essential to manage social risks and impacts. We will actively participate with regulators, local communities and development actors to plan ahead and design ways in which our investments and activities can boost local and regional development opportunities. We always make a clear difference between mandatory and voluntary social management actions.

Royal Road Minerals understands that its community development activities need to contribute to the development plans of the territories where we operate.

Respecting Indigenous Peoples and protecting cultural heritage

RRM acknowledges and respects traditional landownership and land uses and the unique rights, culture and history of Indigenous Peoples. When working with Indigenous Peoples interested in, or affected by RRM projects, the company will seek to operate in a manner consistent with the principles described in the International Labour Organisation (ILO) C169 Indigenous and Tribal People Convention.

Royal Road Minerals will participate in consultations with specialists and communities to understand and identify possible risks and impacts and protect cultural values, practices, sites, knowledge and objects.

Working with artisanal and small-scale miners

Artisanal and small-scale mining is widespread in a number of the areas where RRM is exploring. While it is often unsafe and informal, the livelihoods of many families are dependent on these mining activities. RRM is committed to working with local miners in proximity to our exploration activities to support them to formalize their activities, achieving a safer and more secure income for miners, improving the environmental performance of the artisanal mining activities and complying with government regulations.

Human Rights

RRM supports and respects all internationally recognised human rights consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a company focused on exploration and mining, the human rights we have the greatest ability to influence are in the areas of: security; land access; Indigenous people's rights; environmental concerns including access to water; and labour rights. RRM operates in accordance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

Royal Road Minerals

Environmental Responsibility

Responsible environmental management is a cornerstone of RRM's operational approach. The RRM Environmental Policy provides the basis for practices seeking to minimize and mitigate adverse environmental impacts in accordance with leading international practice. Beyond this however, RRM is looking to application of new technologies that will further reduce environmental impacts. Recognizing that it is not possible to undertake exploration and mining activities with zero impact, we work with our host communities and regulators to monitor the impacts we generate and transparently report on our performance.


Biodiversity is the variety and variability of life on Earth. Through exploring in remote and varied areas, mining companies can be exposed to areas of high biodiversity value. RRM considers the conservation and responsible management of biological diversity a key business and societal issue. The company's approach is one of responsible environmental stewardship. It therefore aims to develop projects which achieve "no net loss" (NNL) of biodiversity or priority ecosystems services. It further aims to develop projects which do not degrade ecosystems, both those upon which the project relies (e.g. water supply) and those upon which others depend for their well-being or livelihood.


Water plays a vital role in sustainable development and water security is a growing global concern. Royal Road Minerals aims to develop projects in a manner which minimizes the use of water across each stage of project development. Technology and smarter approaches to mining are increasingly generating opportunities to reduce the water footprint of mines.

We also seek to minimize impacts to other water users through careful management of both water consumption and water quality.

Pollution Prevention

Royal Road will actively plan for exploration, construction, operation, closure and reclamation of each new project from the design stage. The prevention of pollution is embodied in the company's Environmental Management Plans and RRM commits to managing its environmental footprint to avoid, to the extent possible, contamination from its sites.

Royal Road Minerals

Royal Road Accelerator

The Royal Road Accelerator is a 100% owned subsidiary of Royal Road Minerals Ltd. It is a commercial enterprise, which identifies, incubates and commercializes potentially dividend-paying businesses which greatly benefit the rural communities in and around Royal Road Minerals' exploration and development projects


Cloris is an industrial hemp, CBD isolate producer based in Nariño Province, Southern Colombia

Quassia Nicaragua

Hombre Grande, also known as Quassia Amara, Amargo, Bitter-Ash or Bitter-Wood, is a tree native to the Caribbean, Central and South America. As one of the most bitter substances found in nature, Hombre Grande has been used as herbal medicine and as a tasting additive in the food and beverage industry for many decades.

Due to the rising awareness among companies and individuals surrounding the environmental, health and biodiversity hazards caused by the chemicals used in synthetic pesticides, the demand for organic pesticides is rapidly increasing. The Royal Road Accelerator and partnered universities are currently testing the efficacy and toxicology of a bioinsecticide made with the bitter substances found in Hombre Grande.

Rr accelerator