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Royal Road Minerals

Guy Wallis MSc FSyI CSyP,
Special Advisory Board

New mines for a new world

Special Advisory Board

Guy Wallis MSc FSyI CSyP

MSc in Security Management, a Chartered Security Professional and a Fellow with the Security Institute. Guy is a recognised security professional with a wealth of experience spanning; security and defence analysis, operational planning, policy development, project & risk management, capability development and training management.

Guy served in the British Armed Forces for 36 years deploying on a range of operations from war fighting to peace support in high-risk theatres including Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He has extensive experience working with foreign military forces, other governments departments and non-government agencies. More recently, he has worked as a principal analyst with the Counter-Terrorism and Security (CTS) Division of DSTL.

Guy is also a partner with AK & P which delivers; business intelligence, political risks, security and training working with clients to maintain the integrity of the operation to protect the bottom line and enhance sustainability; particularly in more challenging markets.

Guy Wallis