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Royal Road Minerals

Hugh Devlin,
Special Advisory Board

New mines for a new world

Special Advisory Board

Hugh Devlin

Hugh is a former officer in the Royal Marines with over 20 years of military experience. A specialist background in intelligence, military diplomacy, and international arms control.
As a Marine Commando, he has served on operational tours in various countries and taken part in counter-terror and counter-narcotics operations in Belize and Northern Ireland. On leaving the Marines, Hugh worked in security, land and community relations and operations for mineral exploration companies and went on to become one of the co-founders and an original member of the executive board of Royal Road.

Hugh has been involved in establishing sustainable community development programs in Armenia, Kosovo, Georgia, Turkey and Ethiopia, focused on training and development of workplace skills for local employees and providing opportunities for disadvantaged minority groups.
Past experience includes several years as a security and risk consultant specializing in resilience planning, disaster recovery and operational logistics. Hugh is currently employed by the UK Ministry of Defence as a Regional Employer Engagement Director.
Hugh is a competent and experienced Russian interpreter and trained negotiator.

Hugh Devlin