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Royal Road Minerals

Liz Wall,
Board of Directors

New mines for a new world

Non-Executive Chair

Liz Wall

Liz joined the Company as a Non-Executive Director in May of 2019 and took on the role of Executive Director – Sustainability in August 2020. Liz has more than twenty years of global experience assessing and addressing social and environmental risks and impacts associated with extractive sector investments in developing countries. Liz has a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining, a Masters of Science and a Masters of Philosophy (Oxford). Originally trained as a mining engineer, a Rhodes Scholarship allowed Liz to pursue further studies in poverty reduction and environmental management. She has worked in more than forty countries, commencing her career with Rio Tinto in both project and corporate roles, focusing on health, environment and community aspects, before moving to the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) as a social development and environmental specialist. Liz has established a successful consulting business (Shared Resources Pty Ltd), has held several board-appointed roles and is regularly in the position of advising major mining companies on significant investment decisions. Underlining her commitment to effective corporate governance, she recently completed the renowned Insead International Directors Programme. Recognizing the evolving expectations of social and environmental performance, Liz retains close connections to fellow practitioners, delivers training courses on key topics, and authors books and papers on topics in this area.

A New Zealander by birth, Liz has lived and worked in four continents. She studied mining engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, before working as a student and graduate engineer in Australia and Argentina. After graduation, Liz was fortunate to receive a Rhodes Scholarship allowing her to pursue her social and environmental interests at Oxford University. There she completed an M.Phil in Development Studies, focussed on poverty reduction through small-scale mining in Bolivia, and an M.Sc in Environmental Change and Management.

Upon completing her studies at Oxford, Liz moved to Australia to work with CSIRO in the sustainable minerals team before returning to the United Kingdom to join Rio Tinto as a Health, Safety and Environment Policy Advisor. Liz was based in London for the next three years but spent much of her time working in southern Africa, championing Rio Tinto’s response to the HIV/AIDS crisis and developing the company’s policy and practice on this topic.

She was then seconded to Namibia to start the work of developing a social closure plan for the Rössing Uranium Mine. In 2005, Liz was seconded to the Simandou iron ore exploration project for two years as the Regional Development Manager. During this time, the project secured an equity investment from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Liz was the primary communities contact for all engagement with the IFC. Following the secondment in Guinea, Liz resigned from Rio Tinto to join the IFC as a social development and environment specialist, focussing on mining investments. Based in Washington DC, she worked on investment projects across the globe, both pre-investment appraisals and post-investment supervision.

In late 2008 Liz established Shared Resources Pty Ltd, a small consultancy which specialises in identifying and managing social and environmental impacts and opportunities associated with natural resource projects in developing countries. Shared Resources was established with the goal of reducing poverty through the responsible development of natural resources. Liz combines consultancy services to the private sector with thought leadership for multilateral organisations, including the World Bank and IFC. In addition to consultancy services on social and environmental issues, Liz also leads technical evaluation reviews and due diligence assessments for major mining companies. She works across the globe, having worked in locations as diverse as the Solomon Islands, Greenland and Mozambique, always with a primary focus on social and environmental issues.

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