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Royal Road Minerals

Mauricio Valencia,

New mines for a new world

Chief Geologist

Mauricio Valencia

Mauricio is an Exploration Geologist, with recognised experience and expertise in Regional Geology, Mineral Exploration, Magmatic Belts, Tectonic Architecture and possible mineralization controls.

Emphasis within conceptual targeting by mineral exploration and characterization of mineralized systems into Greenfield areas or uncertain new metallotects (knowledge: oxided pluton-related, epithermal, skarns, outcropping and blinded porphyry Au & Au-Cu, sediment-hosted replacements, banded iron formations, orogenic systems and others different kind of mineral deposits).

More than 15 years working in senior and junior exploration companies with South and Central America.

Skills in cartography with emphasis to structural patterns, alterations and mineralisations into prospecting areas; interpretation of geological data applied to mineral targeting; recognition, evaluation and generation of geological, structural or alteration-mineralization models; and structural analysis applicated to mineral deposit exploration, sub-regional favourable space location, and controls.